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Our platform is at the frontline of helping service buyers from around the world by providing real in-debt client reviews, helpful resources and a categorized catalogues tailored for the IT industry to assist finding the best-in-class firms that meets specific requirements. Partnerspace also serves as an excellent platform for performing IT companies to help them open for new markets and grow their business.

Why Partnerspace?

Partnerspace is a comprehensive platform that assists outsourcing service seekers to find and hire the best firm. Simultaneously, it helps IT firms from Central Europe – the world-famous outsourcing hub – to acquire new customers, grow their market share and brand recognition. Partnerspace is a dedicated community of “well-performing” IT companies.

We understand the scenarios at both ends, wherein service seekers try to find the best companies on unorganized market to meet a specific need and how leading software firms try to stand out among their competitors. We follow an unique methodology that helps us to identify leading firms that deliver.

World-famous Outsourcing Hub

Partnerspace is a marketplace that gives access to top-quality and cost-efficient service providers from Central Europe. World-famous technology experts from i.a. Poland, Ukraine, Hungary or Romania offer the best value for money in software industry. Every day countless foreign companies rely on Polish developers to deliver software essential to their bottom line.

We are a reliable source

Reputable companies trust our competent and authentic research

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Our comprehensive market information will help you make a proper decision on the most suitable provider for you

Best-in-class support

You can rely on our team of analysts, who will help you find a right service provider

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